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A Mother's Day Message From Mary

May 14, 2023    Debi Hinton

How do you persevere through hard times? Watch this sermon to see how Mary dealt with it. She faced poverty (Luke 2:24), almost losing Joseph (Matthew 1:19), being a widow since there is no further mention of Joseph, misunderstanding Jesus (Luke 2:47-48; Mark 3:20-21), and Jesus' death (Luke 2:35). However, Mary persevered by walking with God at the cross (John 19:26-27), on the day of Pentecost (Acts 1:14 & 2:1). She was a woman of character (Luke 1:28) and she praised God despite the situation (Luke 1:46-55).

When you face difficulties in life talk to God about your pain revealing all of your feelings. Do not stop rituals that bring you close to God like praying or listening to special songs. Accept help from others with whom you have a relationship. It is not a sign of weakness, but strength to call on others. Also, take time to rest and sit in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ. Finally, keep following God even when it does not make sense.

Not every situation will end happily, so read the words of James 1-2-4.

"Even in our darkest hour, God was there." - Stacy Webster

(Watch the video to hear about Stacy's situation with her son's health.)